Keeping Your Garage Warm

Despite having garages as one of the more overlooked areas in most peoples home, the amount of warmth that escapes a garage ends up having a big effect on your utility bills.

If you store equipment and other maybe delicate items in your garage, they may get damaged from a cold chill – another reason to take the time to winterize your garage. As winter approaches this year, check to ensure that your garage is ready to keep the cold air out, and the warm air in.

Insulation Solutions

If the insulation that you have isn’t working well – or if you don’t have insulation at all – the warmth that your HVAC creates is leaving through your garage. In this case, your first step for your plans should be adding insulation for the walls. There is always variety to choose from, although fiberglass batt insulation is an inexpensive solution that we can offer. Other options include reflective barriers and foam board insulation.

One of the difficulties of working with fiberglass batt insulation is the installation process, which does require some careful skill. The material has to fit perfectly, snug but not jammed in between the wall. In order to prevent this, the right amount of fiberglass has to be prepared before application, which can be very difficult to work with.

Not all garage doors are suitable for insulations. Some garage doors will not have recessed panels that makes it difficult to install. In these cases, we suggest considering a garage door that includes insulation built in.